Stay excited 

At MDF, participation is the heart of everything that we do. In our training courses, our consultancy work and evaluation assignments. We are as engaging as possible. Our work needs to stay exciting for our clients and for ourselves too. 

Dare to be creative 

So here we are: in training with lots of heavy content and seasoned professionals, it can be scary to try creative methods to keep the group energised. But I decided to try it with a song.

Picture of performing participants

”Write a song about the key learnings from the previous day”, was my instruction. Silence followed. A dozen of big eyes stare at me with amazement. “You want us to do what?” Participants look at me puzzled, then at each other. Slowly their groups begin to tackle this unusual assignment. Quiet whispering turns into laughter and excitement. “Will this work?” I ask myself. Fifteen minutes later their performances begin. From poems to raps, I am amazed and so are the participants. There is so much talent! 

Participants perform in course on organisational development and leadership in Asmara, Eritrea

During the reflection, participants expressed they didn’t think it was possible, but they have now seen it is. 

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This blog was written by MDF expert Lisa Freiburg. Get in touch with her to find out more about custom designed training possibilities.