The client

De Heus is a globally operating company for animal feed from the Netherlands. They have opened their first production site in Yangon, Myanmar in 2016. In 2018, De Heus also opened a second factory in Mandalay. Their business is growing rapidly and therefore a high management capacity is demanded from their staff. 


The challenge

Many of the managers of De Heus Myanmar are relatively young and are in their first management position. Their challenge is then needing to deal and keep up with fast increasing responsibilities that the company’s growth brings whilst having minimal firsthand experience.

The solution

Together with experts from De Heus in the Netherlands, we designed a management development trajectory that combined training and coaching. In the first four days, we discussed many aspects of management and leadership. As a follow-up, we looked deeper into more specific elements of management and worked on building a senior management team. We then coached managers individually to draw out and address personal challenges they have.

The results

With our trainings we made the participants more aware of their own personal management style and of the different aspects of leading a team. We created a safe space for managers to discuss their challenges and ask for advice, both on a personal and professional level.


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