Our client

The Mampong College of Agriculture of the University of Education of Winneba (UEW). For the project, we work closely together with the Department of Environmental Health and Sanitation Education (EHSE) at CAGRIC. The project is funded by Nuffic in the context of the Netherlands Initiative for Capacity Development in Higher Education (NICHE).

The challenge

There is a gap between the competencies needed (e.g. by government agencies working on WASH, schools and the private sector) and the present supply of staff, who need the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes to solve Ghana’s WASH challenges. Open defaecation, access to good toilet facilities and poor waste management are among the most pressing challenges. WASH topics need to be integrated at all education levels, from basic level upwards. We believe that specialised programmes in training people to become WASH experts, especially in gender and behavioural change aspects, are necessary in closing this gap.

Our solution

MDF Training & Consultancy is supporting CAGRIC in developing its institutional capacity to offer a curriculum which takes into account the ever-changing needs of the labour market. The consortium consultants share their expertise and experiences on competency-based learning, WASH, WASH entrepreneurship, gender mainstreaming, Monitoring & Evaluation and organisational learning. We train and support lecturers and senior management in developing a curriculum which recognises the opportunities in the private sector and integrates entrepreneurship modules to encourage self-employment.  In addition, we support CAGRIC to become a more gender-inclusive campus by assisting in the development and execution of a gender strategy based on the results of a gender audit.

CAGRIC has also established cooperation with seven Colleges of Education (Teacher Training Colleges) where the tutors receive WASH-related training to enable them prepare students for their WASH- SHEP responsibilities once employed as school teachers.

The results

By the end of 2017, CAGRIC will offer a number of competency-based modules and short courses covering gender sensitive WASH, behavioural change and entrepreneurship. CAGRIC will be recognised by employers in the public and private sector as a reputable institution which educates and trains people in the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to effectively work in the WASH sector. Colleges of Education will have WASH-related topics integrated in the School Health Education Programme to strengthen the role of future teachers.

“CAGRIC has taken some major steps in changing the Gender profile ... There is greater commitment on the part of the College and the UEW as a whole to attach greater importance to gender issues. The future is brighter.”

Prof. H. Dapaah, former Principal of CAGRIC

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