Connecting needs and demands

MDF Training & Consultancy, BOP Innovation Center, and MDF regional offices in Kenya and Ghana came together in the INNOFOOD project. The aim is to create better links with local agribusinesses, acquire and manage R&D projects as commercial opportunities and connect interesting ventures to business support providers, investors and entrepreneurs.

Project steps

This project will be done in a number of sequential steps:

  • invite companies in the region to share real life innovation challenges
  • organise Innovation Jams where researchers and entrepreneurs conceptualize innovative solutions
  • transform the best ideas into R&D project proposal to secure financing
  • connect R&D projects to the most commercial potential to market players

Contribution of MDF in the project

Well known for managing projects and writing proposals, MDF is the lead partner in the initiative, and responsible for overall coordination. INNOFOOD kicked-off in October 2016 and will implement its first activities during the first quarter of 2017. The MDF project leader has this to say:

"This holistic approach of bringing together academic staff and student with market players is very important. When different perspectives are made visible, we look at challenges in a new light and come up with truly innovative solutions".

Are you eager to learn how to work with multiple partners in projects and achieve results or are you wondering how to write that winning proposal, join our training course Making partnerships workWriting Winning proposals, or get in touch with the team leader Barbara Cruz