Relevance for me

I work as a Research Officer with Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE) a public Policy think tank based in Uganda. We desire to see improving budget transparency and accountability in Uganda as a whole.

Currently under my project we are implementing the Civic Engagement Action Plans (CEAPs) were want to engage the citizens and the government officials to increase responsiveness. We help the citizens to come up with the issues from communities, we teach them on methods (letters, Petitions) and how they can work as a community to send these to the relevant offices so that we see change in the communities.

I participated in this course so that I could be able to learn the current, strategic and most systematic M&E frameworks. Frameworks that can be used adequately by organisations like ACODE that do not provide direct service delivery but are mainly in advocacy work. Also, I wanted to learn from other participants, from their situation.

The learning component

The MEL course taught me to quickly develop the results chain and clearly identify the differences between the activities, outputs, outcomes and impacts. I also learned that evaluations not only focus on accountability and progress of the projects, but that the learning component is also very important. Back at work, I keep this in mind.

I now systematically include indicators that capture the learning component. So under the CEAPs we have come up with indicators to learn from the whole CEAP process, for example:

  • We are, continuously, capturing information on what is working and what not.
  • And we look further: what should be done directly in the next round of CEAP Implementation to make these more successful?
  • How easily can changes be replicated with other CEAPs to see if a positive change can be realised?



Follow also a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning course; coming May we start again in Ede, the Netherlands. Or get in touch with the trainer Francine Egberts and find out how relevant the content and methods of this course are for your situation.