The client

The Global Partnership for Education aims to secure equitable access to good quality education for all. The partnership brings government, civil society and private sector together, and provides sector-wide support in over 70 low-income countries and lower-middle-income countries. The Secretariat resides in Washington D.C. and is hosted by the World Bank. 


The challenge

We were asked to identify evidence-based lessons that are relevant for the partnership as a whole, that are convincing and acceptable to GPE’s broad constituency base, and sufficiently specific to take action on. This all had to happen under a very short time-frame to be of relevance for GPE’s on-going post-2020 strategy development process, whilst further challenged by the unfolding Covid-19 crisis, which forced us to undertake the last three months of the evaluation remotely.


Our solution

MDF, together with selected seasoned experts in the education sector, conducted a thorough investigation of GPE’s development and organizational effectiveness, relying on extensive monitoring and evaluation material that the GPE had produced over the years. This included a Qualitative Contribution Analysis of factors determining Education Plan implementation and the effectiveness of the partnership at country level, a bench-marking study of four comparable global funds, and a dedicated partnership assessment looking beyond policies and procedures and zooming in on the partnership dynamics.

The evaluation was designed to be external and independent but envisaged several interactive events to exchange and reflect on findings with GPE’s Board, its Strategy Committee and the Secretariat. These events were meant to facilitate internalization and acceptance of the evaluation findings. Many of these events had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis but were quickly converted into online events using a platform that allowed for interaction and simultaneous translation. As a result, the evaluation was delivered on schedule without having to compromise on the inclusiveness of the process, which we believe is essential for evaluation results to be accepted and used.


Final report coverThe result(s)

The delivery of an evaluation process, which included a range of opportunities for the client to discuss and contribute to the analysis of findings as they emerged. This ultimately resulted in the timely delivery of an overall Evaluation Report in English and French, for which both the client and its Independent Evaluation Committee have clearly expressed their appreciation.

"The team benefited from being tight-knit, most of whom were working full-time on this evaluation. The team was of high quality and was able to move forward under very problematic and unexpected circumstances with a good attitude and flexibility to adapt"

Independent Evaluation Committee of GPE

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