He shows us the small medical center that they built. Today it is ‘children’s health clinic day’; a weekly event when all women from the area can come with their children for medical check-ups and advice. Next to it, there is a day care centre where a dozen children are happily playing, crawling and sleeping. ‘It will definitely pay back the investment’, says the owner, ‘I can’t prove it, but before women stopped working when they became pregnant, now they come back and bring their children here’. 

This is a good example of someone who has built a profitable business while including and creating value for employees and the surrounding community. 

Base of Pyramid

Inclusive businesses are commercial initiatives that actively incorporate and create value for both the business and low-income, disempowered groups, also known as BoP (base of the Pyramid). In inclusive businesses, BoP actors can be included as consumers, producers, entrepreneurs or, as in the case described above, as employees.

In our new online couse “Introduction to Inclusive Business”, developed with the support of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform in partnership with Wageningen UR/CDI and the Inclusive Business Accelerator Consortium, you can learn about the basics of setting up an inclusive business and get inspiration by real life case studies. 

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