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The Ministry of Education in Ethiopia is aiming to improve employment opportunities for  Ethiopian youth. The project is part of the longer term German Ethiopian Cooperation initiative  to provide improved teaching and research conditions for Technical Vocational Education and Training and Universities. It is funded by KfW the Development Bank. 

The three Centres of Excellence will not only strengthen the capacity of selected Institutes of Technology as part of the University for education and research but also serve as examples for other higher education institutes in Ethiopia in providing high-quality research and education.

The challenges

The total enrolment in higher education increased more than tenfold from 2004 to 2014. Despite encouraging results and enormous effort by the Government, it is acknowledged that the higher education sector still faces serious challenges. The main ones are Ethiopian public universities providing generic supply-driven technical studies and research without clear linkages to labour market requirements, existing institutes working with inadequate facilities and limited staffing, curricula are not updated or enriched by recent research, and the quality improvement initiatives in the Ethiopian Higher Education sector failing to meet international standards.

Our solution

MDF Training & Consultancy and its implementing partners, together with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education, developed a strategy prioritising among others the following aspects of the Centres of Excellence:

  • Equip the Centres with equipment and teaching materials for high quality education and research
  • Enhance the educational management and leadership skills of universities
  • Strengthen the operational maintenance of the Centres of Excellence
  • Develop and implement research plans
  • Stimulate mentoring and twinning with international universities
  • Establish an educational monitoring and information system

MDF Training & Consultancy considers it crucial to work in these kind of processes with locally available knowledge. The project therefore includes locally based experts and is supported by two local Ethiopian organisations: the African Institute of Management Development and Governance (AIMDG) and the Education Strategy Centre (ESC).

The results

By 2019:

  •  Institutional development plans will have been implemented, evaluated and 'lessons learned' will have been drawn for further expansion to other universities
  • Strengthened good governance, management and leadership capacity at the systems and institutional levels for enhanced performance and accountability of universities.
  • Improved teaching learning processes and employability through high quality education with equitable participation of both sexes.
  • Enhanced capacity of academic institutes for knowledge creation and transfer, as well as community and consultancy services to the economy and broader society  in line with the country’s socio-economic needs

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