The client

The International Labour Organisation has been active in Myanmar since 2002, and has various ongoing projects. The ‘Entrepreneurship and MSME Support’ project works on supporting small scale entrepreneurs in Myanmar since February 2014. It includes various business management training packages. In an environment where support for MSMEs is extremely limited, the project aims to assist the small businesses thereby creating at least 3,000 new job opportunities. This final impact assessment aimed to take stock of the impact results achieved by the project.


Business in MyanmarThe challenge

After more than three years of project implementation, this project is finalised in October 2017. The project team wanted to know which results have been achieved at the impact level: how many businesses have been set up by the trained entrepreneurs, and how many jobs have been created? In addition, the project wanted to know what support they can provide to entrepreneurs in Myanmar during the last months of the project.


Our solution

Our office in Myanmar designed an impact assessment that could capture the impact results at the entrepreneurial and training provider level. Along with a team of enumerators that went around the country to collect quantitative and qualitative data, information was gathered on the business status of the entrepreneurs, and the training provision status of the trainers. 


The results

Based on the data collected, an analysis was made on the results of the project, and put together in a report. The report included various infographics, thereby making it quick and easy to understand the main conclusions of the assessment. 

“MDF organized every step of this impact assessment, from methodology design to presenting the result, in a professional manner."

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