The education strengthening component of this project comprise:

  1. training in interactive learning method for the senior lecturers;
  2. establishing a pool of “master trainers”;
  3. improving the curriculum to be more competence based and gender sensitive; and
  4. development of the handbook on curriculum development.

By design, the curriculum development part started later in the program, following a series of interactive training that MDF has provided for the lecturers, technical experts, as well as the management of the Institute. That way, MDF succeeded in having key people in the institute, including the Deputy Governor, to experience for themselves, how it feels to be trained and facilitated in an interactive and productive process. This has prompted their buy in to the idea of development of the curriculum of PPSA (short course on national leadership for those already in leadership positions) and adopting a more interactive learning in the delivery of the courses in Lemhannas RI.


The process of curriculum development and writing the handbook was done in a participatory manner – an approach selected by MDF to ensure strengthening of internal capacity of Lemhannas RI. The MDF consultants and trainers provided the technical expertise and facilitated the team established by LHRI management in the process. Under the guidance of the MDF consultants and trainers, the curriculum development team of Lemhannas RI applied competency based curriculum principles. Significant improvement that can be seen in the developed curriculum compared with an existing curriculum included an inclusion of a clear background of the curriculum, the “SMART-ly” defined competencies to be achieved, the variety of interactive methods to be used, and the methods to evaluate the achievements. The draft is now under review and it is expected that the PPSA class of 2017 which is scheduled to commence in March will use the newly developed curriculum. 


It is expected that with this comprehensive package, not only will MDF contribute to the production of outputs, but also to sustainability beyond the project.


Yoenarsih Nazar and Rini Marien, the MDF senior trainer/consultants involved. MDF Asia Bali office also recruited a national curriculum consultant, Zulfikri Anas, to work with MDF.