In two rounds, participants were challenged to run projects and pursue their personal goals, while at the same time keeping the world in balance. While the time was ticking, participants created their world up to 2030.

The game proved to be a fantastic way to connect with the SDGs, prompting reflection on important questions. What does it mean to collaborate? How can we all gain? Do I have to give up my goals? The final result was reflected on the ‘World Condition Meter’, a tool that visualises how the world develops while playing together until 2030.


Game world vs. real world

In the reflection, people shared their experiences: some gave up their personal goals to “save” the world, some realised that can only create a sustainable world by working together, whereas others had come to understand the need to have partners before being able to act. The facilitators shared examples of how – like in the game – our individual actions have an impact on the world, and we reflected on how to translate the insights of the game to our own work and personal lives.

“Playing the game was definitely worth the effort! It helps to take a moment to reflect on what you already suspect in terms of how people make their choices. You now see it unfolding in front of you. The game is a good first step to start a dialogue with yourself, your colleagues and your organisation.”


Relate to global goals

The 2030 SDG Game offers many possibilities to everyone with an interest in SDGs and curiosity about how you as a person and/or your organisation relate to the SDGs. The game can be used with a broad audience from different sectors (education, public and private sector) and age groups, as well as combined with other activities, such as strategy meetings, kick-off sessions, team-building days and corporate social responsibility interventions. It is a great tool to start the conversation on how we can all contribute to a prosperous, just and sustainable world.


Missed the game but eager to play?

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