An inclusive mind set

For MDF Training & Consultancy inclusiveness is an important part of our working values and we constantly work with an inclusive mind set. See for example the blog of our colleague Karen Reijnen about Inclusive business or the blog of Sam Boering about Gender and Social Inclusion. To reflect with the whole team on question like “What is the deeper meaning of inclusiveness? What does it feel like on an individual level if we experience inclusion or exclusion?” we asked Marjon van Opijnen, lecturer at Nyenrode New Business School and Webster University to give an internal interactive workshop.

Embraced as part of a team

Trainer & Consultant Elisabeth Krämer felt enriched after this meeting: “We experienced through this meeting that people who do not feel truly embraced as part of a team may also take a step back and separate themselves further." The question of 'how does that feel for others if you are excluded or exclude yourself' was experienced physically.

Are you interested to know more about Inclusiveness for businesses? Follow our free online course Introduction to Inclusive Business or get in touch with our expert Sam Boering