Find a good match

It all starts with planning and organising. Rather than simply sending a proposal to a donor that you know from your previous work and hoping for the best, a structured approach is necessary. First, it is important to screen the donor landscape: know their funding cycle, scope of work, mission, criteria for collaboration, formats and deadlines. Subsequently, think about how to establish contact, which could include inviting donors to events of your organisation. It is a process, rather than a one-off event of simply writing and sending a proposal. Rather than hoping for the best, you should devote your time to planning and organising to be the best!


Pitch your project

Always be ready to pitch your project, especially when you go to a networking event, a workshop or a meeting. Try to know who will be there and have a proactive approach. The way in which you introduce yourself, what you say (and what you do not), how you shake hands and your body posture all have an impact, as well as knowing the right moment to hand over your business card.


Want to learn more?

In the training on Writing Winning Proposals, you will learn about matching your organisation to donors, pitching and writing proposals so that you win the heart of the donor and start to collaborate towards a common dream. Want to know more? Participate in one of our courses on writing winning proposals, or get in touch with Josefien de Kwaadsteniet, writer of this article and trainer of this course.