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Cowtribe Technology is a Ghanaian start up company providing simple but innovative solutions to help rural farmers in Northern Ghana fight diseases and promote optimal health in their animals. They provide a mobile platform which provides on-demand veterinary services to livestock farmers anywhere and anytime. Cowtribe also works on improving the quality of the veterinary services by offering in-service training to vets.

The challenge

Cowtribe is a start up Technology Company and faces the challenges that come with that: lack support in setting up a proper governance system and focus on the strategic issues that inhibit their growth. For Cowtribe to further support their growth they needed some time away from their operations to focus on their business model and translation of their strategy into their organisational capacity implementation plans. In addition, Cowtribe was in need of focus on expanding their revenue generating activities, such as selling farmer information to suppliers of inputs or using the large network for outreach in collaboration with local government. With Cowtribe growing, external investments for the platform were also needed. However, they needed support in developing an investment strategy and help in determining which type of financial support such as loan, grant, investment would be right for them.

Our solution

MDF Training & Consultancy implemented a six-month custom designed training funded by Nuffic through its TMT programme. In this training project, MDF helped Cowtribe to further develop their Business Model Canvas in combination with market research. This gave insights in the needs of their customers and it helped identify the aspects of their business model that needed improvement. MDF strived for sustainability by capacitating the staff to use the business model canvas as a living document for strategic planning. Our approach with practical implementation of the IBA ‘Inclusive Business’ toolkit, focused on building capacity of the staff and direct partners of Cowtribe.

Next to that, MDF and Cowtribe co-developed training for the veterinarians, which focused on improved service delivery to farmers, using the Cowtribe platform. Furthermore, we where committed to the capacity of staff and to fully equip them to implement their growth plan. 

The results

The results of the custom designed training have been highly appreciated by Cowtribe. The project came at a perfect time for Cowtribe as it helped them to focus on the separate aspects of their business and how to operationalize them, connect to different (potential) partners through the network of MDF, IBA and the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana; and have an improved ‘offer’ for stakeholders in the veterinary sector in Northern Ghana (and beyond). Farmers, vets, government organisations and NGOs working on improving the livestock sector can profit from the improved Cowtribe and work together for happy farmers and happy animals. 

“The training was very specific and that helped us prepare for the rest. The training helped CowTribe to be better prepared for the incubator programme with FLEDGE in Spain: we knew what to expect and what to do.”

Peter Awin, CEO of Cowtribe

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