Arenbergstraat 44
1000 Bruxelles


Our office in Belgium delivers training & consultancy services as partner in a number of large EU funded cooperation programmes: Methodological Support and Training to PPCM, TCF NAO Kenya, ECHO Training Programme, FWC Commission Lot 2, FWC Beneficiairies lots 7 & 9).

We further feed and use that experience to deliver high quality and up-to-date training modules in EU related topics, such as 'How to obtain EU funding', 'How to manage EU grants', 'Procurement procedures & contract management' and ‘Programme estimates'.

As EU office, our mission is to contribute to the capacity development of the development actors notably working with EU funds. We are a sound and reliable partner in a number of large EU funded cooperation programmes. We offer the full package of consultancy services in the field of EU procedures for external actions: advisory, coaching, evaluation, tailor made training courses, facilitation & process consultation and project management.

Our regular training services in the context of EU external cooperation can be tailored to your needs.  A specific modular programme has been designed on EU services (EDF & Budget procedures) for staff of the Contracting Authority and EU Delegations.

We are also active outside the scope of the EU, in both Belgium and abroad. Join us in Brussels for a (custom designed) training, or we visit you. Our international trainers/consultants often team up with local experts to provide our service anywhere in the world.

Our staff

  • Rhodé de Graaf

    Communications & Marketing coordinator
  • Expertise
    • Evaluation
    • Programme and Project Management
    • Resource Mobilisation

    Roberto Trevini Bellini

    EU Acquisition and Project Manager
  • Laura Felisatti

    Business Developer and Project Manager
  • Expertise
    • Custom Designed Training
    • Enterprising Partner
    • Programme and Project Management

    Nicolas Dupic

    Trainer / Consultant and EU Acquisition / Project Management Expert
  • Laurence Perlstein

    Office Manager
  • Expertise
    • Custom Designed Training
    • Evaluation
    • Programme and Project Management

    Maddalena Bearzotti

    Director Brussels office
  • Daniele Castaldelli

    Training coordinator