Meskerem is the Country Network Coordinator of AgriProFocus Ethiopia, an international multi-stakeholder network within the agrofood sector. AgriProFocus has its global office in The Netherlands and networks in 10 African and 2 Asian countries. Meskerem currently heads a team of 3 people and two interns. She joined the Leadership and People Management course to learn how to effectively support her team.

Everyone can be a leader

“I have always been interested to take a leadership role but was taken by surprise when I got offered a leadership role before I fully developed these skills. I believed a course on leadership would help me develop in my new role. What I have found very refreshing is that I learned that everyone can be a leader; not only dominant and task-oriented personalities. This was quite an eye opener for me and my fellow participants. In the course, we were given tools to find out what our unique personal strengths and pitfalls are. This was very insightful as I learned that, using these tools and exercises, I can build a strong, active and happy team.”

From theory to practice

“I was determined to use several tools and exercises with my team to strengthen the team and to show that I am committed to getting the best out of each of my team members. Since completing the course, I have organised a team-building & strategic planning meeting. The DISC model particularly helped to provide clarity on the roles and values of each team member. I am very happy to say that my team members were very satisfied with the insights they gained!”

Changing perspectives on leadership

“I have always been someone who is sensitive to the atmosphere in the team and organisation, but after the course, it reinforced my belief that true leadership and organisational success is more about the people and less about the tasks. If your team members feel valued and clearly understand the organisation’s vision and goals, they will perform better and together you will achieve better results. Since the training, I try to allocate more time to focus on my team and their well-being on a professional and personal level.”

Leave your assumptions at home

“For this course, I believe it is important to come with an open mind. It enables you to take in and learn the most. My advice to future LPM participants would be to leave your assumptions about good leadership at the door. Instead, try to build on your own leadership challenges and experiences through the tools and exercises provided, and listen to the experiences of your fellow trainees!”

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