Our client

FNV Mondiaal is the international development department of the largest federation of labour unions in the Netherlands. Besides contributions from members, it receives funding through the Labour Union Co-financing Programme from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The challenge

Determine the main changes in government and employer behaviour in ascertaining decent labour conditions in selected industry sub-sectors in four programme countries. In addition, determine the significance of FNV’s contribution to those changes that will help in accounting for results and drawing lessons for the future.

Our solution

In close consultation with the client, MDF Training & Consultancy together with the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) designed a mixed-method approach to measure results at various levels (partner capacity, government/company behaviour and overall labour conditions). This was used to establish the baseline situation in 2013, along with identification of the most prominent influential factors external to the programme. In 2016 a second measurement of the different result-areas took place to determine the scale of changes that occurred during the programme’s lifetime. In addition, a systematic inventory was made of the extent to which observed changes could be linked to the programme and other influential factors. This exercise took place in two industry sub-sectors in four of the eight programme countries, which were synthesised to provide a representative picture of programme achievements. Extensive discussions with FNV and its partners on the evaluation approach and results took place throughout the process to maximise understanding and learning opportunities.

The results

The baseline provided good insight into the TUCP programme start situation, which helped FNV rethink the priorities of its work. In methodological terms the baseline was praised by the evaluation department of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an example of a sound and understandable baseline measurement. The end-line evaluation provided a reliable and comprehensive insight in programme achievements, bottlenecks and success factors that will help FNV steer its future programmes. 

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