Kate FunkeKate Funke is Operations Manager for Sustainalytics. She is responsible for the facility, budget and relocation management of fifteen global offices and manages a team of five people, four of whom are located in other countries. Last year, Kate joined the Leadership and People Management course in Ede to strengthen her leadership skills and acquire insights into how to manage her team effectively. What is she doing differently today?


Example DISC profileRecognise the qualities in yourself and others

“We covered a lot of ground during the course, but the insights gained from the DISC profiles were most significant for me. Not only did the insight into my personal profile reveal my motivators, strengths and focus areas, but the trainers also helped us to recognise the same in other people’s profiles. This understanding created a different angle from which I can view and assess my team. I learned that all profiles have specific strengths and recognising them in others can help you to build a stronger team.


Ask the right questions

“After completing the course, I needed to hire my team in a short period of time. I had five positions open in four different countries and had to interview many candidates via Skype. It is challenging enough to assess candidates during a short interview, let alone when you’re not face-to-face! Knowing about DISC and the different profiles, I was able to ask specific questions, revealing more about the candidate and helping me to decide whether they would be the right fit for the position.


Appreciating diversity

Kate and colleagues

“The DISC insights help you to respect the differences in characters. Everyone has his or her strengths and ways of communicating. By recognising your own style and that of your team members, you can position everyone accordingly. In the past, there have been struggles with some team members, where communication never seemed to align. With the DISC Insights, I now recognise the differences in profiles and I am able to adjust the required tasks and communication to play to each other’s strength. This has not only created a better atmosphere and understanding, but allowed the whole team to function more effectively. And of course, it also helps you to recognise and work on the things that come less naturally to you.”


The importance of trust

“Following the Leadership and People Management course made me more aware of the importance of building trust as a foundation when forming a team and which steps to take to get there. I am able to make more strategic decisions, not only based on the geographic position of my team members but also taking into consideration our strengths and weaknesses.”

Are you ready to find out about your own DISC profile or do you want to know how you can use DISC in your team? Contact Lisa Freiburg, one of MDF’s DISC certified trainers or join the upcoming Leadership and People Management course.