Our client

Green Livelihood Alliance (GLA) – an alliance of Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth), Tropenbos International and IUCN Netherlands. The programme is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The challenge

To make it possible to learn the assumptions of the Theory of Change of the programme, with 60 individuals at a time, was a challenge. We had to avoid the discussions becoming too conceptual. We did this by giving context and face to conceptual ideas. We also wanted to make sure that going through five different assumptions would still be exciting when reaching the last one.

Our solution

Together with the alliance members, four MDF facilitators designed a learning programme where all assumptions and in addition the gender equality aspect, received equal chance to be discussed. Country-based partners shared their stories in pitches and the MDF facilitators guided the further processes of exchange and learning.

Together with the core group of the alliance, we daily discussed the dynamics and adjusted the programme accordingly for the following day. Before the end of the third day, MDF made a summary of all the valuable information gathered. Therefore on the fourth day, the Green Livelihood Alliance partners could identify a number of core areas where the programme should focus on for its second half of implementation (2018-2020).

Two weeks after the global event, the core areas were discussed in the alliance core group. MDF facilitated that day as well and supported the alliance in the decision-making on the main issues to address in the coming years.  

The results

The results of the learning event were translated by the alliance core group in focus areas for the coming two remaining years of the programme. The results will also be used for a midterm review report the Green Livelihood Alliance will submit to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the session after MDF finished the learning event, participants evaluated MDF’s support with an 8, as a solid ‘good’ qualification.

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