All participants have to do is to present their idea of how they would like or intend to create positive social impact with their work, and how a course from MDF can help them to achieve this impact. The idea can be presented in a form of an article, a video clip, a graphic illustration or infographic. Monthly winners will be announced.

The second winner

Emmanuel Titus Mlindima is the second winner from Africa. Emmanuel impressed the judging panel by the content of his entry and his desire to help alleviate poverty and bring about positive social change for the Bukoba Principal Council community in Tanzania, where he lives. Here is his story.

Alleviating poverty in Bukoba County, Tanzania

Bukoba Municipal council is one of the eight local authorities found in Kagera region. Despite its being the capital city for Kagera region and is a central town for the Great Lakes countries of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi by virtue of its strategic location, Bukoba Municipal council is one of the regions identified as being one of the most deprived in the country.

According to the households budget survey (HBS) which was conducted in 2003, it was revealed that almost 50% of the Bukoba urban population lives below the poverty line due to the following factors:

  • Lack access to basic needs
  • Low incomes due to lack of capital and human assets
  • Concentration in subsistence farming
  • High fertility rates (population growth is 4% per annum)
  • High unemployment rate due lack of industrial investments and other employment ventures.
  • Lack of access to land especially for women
  • Lack of alternative cash crops. Many people depend on coffee as the only cash crop, whose production and market price is not stable.
  • Lack access to safe drinking water
  • Lack of access to education, health, survival and nutrition, etc.

From the foregoing, there is a need to help the community to fight poverty by establishing investment opportunities through infrastructure development and investment, which will improve the production techniques, especially in productive businesses to curb the current trend.

My vision and plan is to establish a strong base for their own source of revenue through implementation of investment projects that it will scale the provision of social services to the community, as well as increasing employment opportunities. The training you’re offering will be critical in achieving these goals.

The course from MDF will help to achieve my vision through the following measures:

  • It will help to enhance my skills in project management in my sphere of work, my community, as well as my organization.
  • This program will further enable me to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and techniques for successful, cost-effective management of both large- and small-scale projects.
  • It will also enable me to play a more effective role in helping my community to share in my learned skills for managing social projects.
  • I also expect to benefit from the interactive learning environment and exchange views and experiences with peers and experts from around the world.
  • It will help me to understand the principles and practices of strategic thinking and guidance, effective operations, monitoring and evaluation for change, change management, interactive processes for people engagement and learning, capacities and conditions for project development.
  • Last but not least, it will sharpen my strategic planning skills, and strengthen my technical competencies to manage for projects for positive social impact.

Ultimately, the training will help to address these key issues, and also equip me with the necessary tools required to executive my vision with great confidence.

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