Create positive social impact

The MDF 35th Anniversary Challenge has been launched since January 2020 to mark the 35th-anniversary of the founding of MDF Training & Consultancy. The contest participants have the opportunity to win scholarships for our open training courses in 2020! There are a total of 9 scholarships to be won with 3 winners each being selected from Asia, Europe and Africa.

All participants have to do is to present their idea of how they would like or intend to create positive social impact with their work, and how a course from MDF can help them to achieve this impact. The idea can be presented in a form of an article, a video clip, a graphic illustration or infographic. Monthly winners will be announced.

The first winner

Mohamed Faise is the first winner. Mohamed impressed the judging panel by the content of his entry and his desire to support the peace settlement in Rakhine state of Myanmar, where he lives. Here is his story.

Peace dreams

Rakhine state that is located in western coast of Myanmar is the place where I was born, studied and have been living until present. Many diverse ethnic populations have been living together for many decades but some horrible conflicts deterred peace and development of my people. Rakhine benefits from the natural resources and most people engage in farming and fishing. Being a coastal area, it is frequently affected by natural disasters. It is the 2nd poorest state among 14 states and divisions in Myanmar while Myanmar itself is one of the poor countries in the world. Peace and Development remaines in the dream and books of my people.

After completion of my Bachelor degree in 2005, my parents wanted me to do local business but I have chosen humanitarian works in International humanitarian Organization. This way I can support my family, learn and improve my skills and simultaneously help my people in the development of their living standard. Health, water sanitation, livelihood and food security are some major factors to solve the ever increasing conflicts. There have been many terrible conflicts between communities and/or government in 2012, 2016, 2017, 2019 to present that have been damaging peace, trust and further damaged of people’s properties.

Peace-builders required

UN and International Organizations have been working for humanitarian and development but due to restriction by government, these organizations are unable to make an obvious impact in the place in the sector of peace and development. So, I have been thinking how to bring peace and how to develop our place. I found that it is not only UN/INGOs and International communities to bring peace, it is me, my family, my people and my government with the help of UN/INGOs and International communities. To bring all those together to improve their knowledge and skill, good leaders and peace-builders are required among us so that we can find the way ourselves to achieve those objectives of peace and development.

Therefore, I am trying my best to improve my capacity and skills to be a good leader and peace-builder to work for our people.” (Mohamed Faise of Malteser International, Myanmar)

Join the challenge

The challenge is open until 30 April 2020 so there is still time to submit your entry. MDF Training & Consultancy will continue to select and announce winners between now and the first week of May. We particularly encourage our clients from Europe to submit entries. Apply today!