Diverse audience

These were the lucky people picked from over 350 registrations from four corners of the world. Unfortunately, we could not offer the workshop to everyone who registered.  The participants hold different positions in their organisations from CEO, founder, and director to project assistants. There were also university lecturers and independent consultants. The mix of jobs, nationalities and base countries created a diverse atmosphere during the training.

A peek into the brain

The Online Training Design and Facilitation skills workshop offered an introduction to e-learning, suggested tools and platforms and shared various tips to successfully design and facilitate online training sessions. Participants peeked into the brain-based learning principles and what this means for online design and facilitation. They also shared their own online learning experience and tips. Exciting debates and discussions took place in breakout rooms.  The main conclusion was easily drawn: online learning is much more than sharing content online; it requires a different set of tools, skills and insight in how people learn.  But it can be as engaging and interactive as face to face.

Visualising pathways

At the Theory of Change (ToC) workshop, participants discussed the difference between the logical framework and the Theory of Change approach. A Theory of Change is a theory or a story built collectively of how to make change happen. The workshop then covered the six steps to create the Theory of Change. The fundamental component of any ToC is the diagram representing different pathways of change towards an envisaged impact. These pathways can easily be draw online on a virtual whiteboard. Participants had opportunities to practise the Theory of Change in the breakout rooms.

Interactive and Innovative

Participants commented that they didn’t expect online training to be so energetic, interactive and innovative. MDF convinced and inspired trainers, teachers and lectures to design their own effective online training. We also hope to motivate those still hesitant that online learning has many advantages. Smart trainers make use of these advantages in challenging times.

Read feedback from some of the workshop participants.

If you have any questions or inquiries about these workshops, please contact us at mdf@mdf.nl.  In case you are interested to take an online training, here are the upcoming courses: